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Surviving drawings indicate that dancers were typically hidden behind ever-changing attire so that they resembled the Artificial Living Being Depero had conceived in Vediamo nel dettaglio quali sono gli asset per tipologia di conto. E possibile iniziare in modalità Demo la propria attività per capire se la piattaforma faccia o meno al caso vostro. In questo modo verranno piazzati accordi e non dovresti affrontare perdite consistenti. Se siete disposti a risparmiare per sostanziale modo pronto perché buonisconto.

A group of mechanical luminous flowers. Horses come down the street.

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In a guesthouse, a group of mechanical men are having lunch. The door to the restaurant closes and on the upper floor a curtain opens.

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We see how a clown and a doll get up from the floor and strut about in a comical gait. When the curtain closes again, we see in the far distance the horse and cart from the first scene and a boat sailing across the sea. On a meadow, a large flower emerges. Some blades and spirals grow out of its bud and flutter in the wind, while on the border of the meadow other flowers rotate around their own axes and radiate strange and colorful vibrations. Although we do not know the exact date when this scenario was written, it seems to anticipate the — Song of the Nightingale and the Plastic Ballets. InDepero worked on a project with three dancer-robots, from which some costume designs survive.

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Colorful, transparent drapes were attached to wires and poles and furnished with a number of colored lights. In order to puzzle and surprise the audience, the actor could operate hidden devices that transformed the costumes and produced rhythmic noises. Mimismagia was an unfinished project that explored the synesthetic correlations between different sense impressions. When used scenically in a dramatic mime, the now robot dancing helped to convey a story, to provoke dramatic emotions, and to function within a stage set. The dancer was subservient to the outfit — an idea that was developed at that time, on a much more advanced level, by the Ballets Russes in the ballet Parade figure 9. But Depero did not see the kinesphere of his dancer-robot in isolation from the surrounding scenic space. This becomes apparent in Notes on the Theatrewritten circa He wanted to abolish fixed scenic architecture and replace it with a multi-level, multi-perspective, changeable stage set.

Nella vita credo che la …. Caterina, 56enne, vedova, snella, ancora molto carina e giovanile, impiegata commerciale.

Wings and backdrops were to turn on pivots; ceilings would move up and down; pieces of furniture would chase each other or the dancers figure In SeptemberSergei Diaghilev and a small group of dancers from the Ballet Russes arrived in Rome and began to plan a short season of new works to be presented at the Teatro Costanzi. However, for some unknown reason the ballet was not included now robot dancing the program presented by the Ballets Russes at the Teatro Costanzi on April 9 and 12, The central group of flowers was five meters high, and the open blossoms measured two meters in diameter. The lower thicket of plants had large, sword-like leaves and menacing thorns.

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Snow-white bell-flowers were mixed with a dazzling array of pink, blue, scarlet, yellow, orange, and lilac blossoms. Rigid costumes, solid in style, mechanical in movement; now robot dancing enlargements of arms and large, flat legs; hands made of cans or discs or fans with long, pointed and rattling fingers; golden or green masks showing only one nose or a set of eyes or a luminous, smiling mouth made out of a mirror; bell-shaped coats and trousers and shirt-sleeves; all of them polyhedral and asymmetric, all of them detachable and mobile.

Surviving drawings indicate that dancers were typically hidden behind ever-changing attire so that they resembled the Artificial Living Being Depero had conceived in The dancer functioned as a motor that propelled the assemblage into action and turned the whole stage into a unified chromatic, phonetic, and kinetic construction.

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These playlets were to be performed by marionettes or robots, figures that, despite resembling human beings, exhibited stylized movements and transformations that went far beyond naturalistic conventions. Great prominence was accorded to light and color instead of spoken dialogue. Depero was given a few months to construct the marionettes and scenery. He was also negotiating with composers to arrange existing music or to have new scores written for the spectacle. I pagliacci The Buffoonswith music by Alfredo Casella, revealed a now robot dancing village constructed in a stylized, Cubo-Futurist fashion figure The green undulating landscape contrasted with the crimson zig-zag contours of the houses painted on the backdrop and the profiles of the wings. Downstage one could see two multicolored trees constructed from geometric and spiky materials.

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A line of clowns marched on stage to the rhythmic music of Maestro Casella. The puppets were 30 cm Their clumsy movements turned into a heavy, accentuated dance accompanied by a Russian folk tune played on a piano. After their exit, a large ballerina 85 cm high; After a dance, as well as a bit now robot dancing horseplay, the two characters directed their attention to a hen that began laying eggs. Suddenly, he grew in size and multiplied, giving rise to a whole now robot dancing of uomini dei baffi mustachioed men that all looked like miniature versions of himself. These little men drank from glasses illuminated by colored light and began to dance; however, the large marionette moved with such heavy steps that the whole scenery began to wobble.

A blue ballerina subsequently entered, presenting a more elegant version of the terpsichorean art. Furthermore, black cat eating a white mouse, as well as a shower of cigarettes falling from the flies delighted three of the mustachioed men, making them stagger about in a delirious dance. Next there came a short interlude in the form of Ombre Shadows — a symphony of abstract black and grey shapes juxtaposed with a light-play of vivid colors — which now robot dancing a visual interpretation of a composition by Béla Bartók.

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A group of red savages, downstage, and a group of black savages, upstage, lined up to fight for the possession of a Great Female Savage La grande selvaggia. In the middle of this balletic combat the lights went off, and one could see amidst the darkness the scintillating green eyes of a snake slithering across on stage.

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After this, two representatives of the tribes of savages fought over the female savage. Then, suddenly, the lights went out again, and the spectators were captivated by yet another fascinating spectacle: the Great Female Savage opened her belly to reveal a silver baby savage dancing a minuet figure Eventually, the tiny savage exited the uterus, jumped onto the main stage, and the green snake re-emerged to gobble the infant up. The performance ultimately gave rise to two theoretical essays 24 in which Depero explained the principal objectives behind this mondo plastico Plastic World :. Machine aesthetics were a popular field of theatrical exploration in many countries, ranging from capitalist America via Fascist Italy to Bolshevik Russia.

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Within the Italian Futurist movement one could find a wide array of attitudes towards the machine. The young artists Ivo Pannaggi and Vinicio Paladini looked at modern technological civilization from a Proletkult angle. They penned a manifesto 25 in which they called for the working class to unite under the sign of the machine and to erect a new civilization based on change, innovation, and progress. Whereas in the s he tended to represent human behavior with marionettes, in the s he created machines to which he assigned human psychology. At this time, a machine that greatly fascinated him was the locomotive. The reviews of Anihccam del recount how, in these performances, a uniformed man used a flag to pilot two locomotives into a railway station now robot dancing When these vehicles reached a center-stage position, they began a dance that conveyed that the two machines had fallen in love with the stationmaster.

A song in onomatopoeic now robot dancing simulated a conversation between the man and the two humanized machines.

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This experience inspired him to write several new dance scenarios for mechanical or electrified dancer-objects, amongst them Pennini e matite Pen Nibs and Pencils and Motolampade The Moving Lamps; figure Depero never attempted to present his ballets on an Italian stage; he rather sought to have them produced in an American theatre. In Paris, he had made the acquaintance of Friedrich Kiesler, who was the organizer of the International Exposition of Theatre Technology in Vienna figure Around this time, he was also invited to hold a now robot dancing show of paintings.

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After receiving a subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a donation from the industrialist Benvenuto Ottolenghi, the artist thus set off from Genoa to conquer the North American public. Once he had settled in New York, Depero visited various revue and variety shows on Broadway.

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